Jessica Thamm is a language, culture, and communications expert. Right now, she is servicing her customers’ transformation, change, and new work needs

Jessica Thamm

Jessica Thamm is British, considers herself a professional nomad, and is at home in Bielefeld, Germany. Her business profile has grown over the past twenty years, and right now she is busy helping her clients transform and get ready for the future, and establish and map processes for them. At the same time, her communication and moderation skills help her to facilitate dialogue and navigate through endless conversations in her efforts to seek clarity and promote transparency. Not only does she speak to individuals, and groups, she also gives talks and moderates workshops across Europe in both English and German. While her business life keeps her busy, she actively channels her societal energy in her local ZONTA club — a service club advocating a stop to violence against women and girls.


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Preparing, entertaining and presenting. We take the stage and lead audiences through programs, podium discussions and product presentations.


Intonating, speaking and delivering. We are the voice you hear in e-learning modules, in corporate films and for avatars.


Hosting, steering and solving. We know the answers are already there, and we support the process of gaining clarity and achieving realistic outcomes that have people feeling understand.


Understanding, listening and changing. We structure, map and support implementation for customers going through change.