The people at NATIVES listen, understand and implement your needs.
We’re quick, the quality speaks for itself and we keep our promises.


Jessica Thamm

Jessica is the founder of NATIVES. She is British, mother of two and based in Bielefeld. As a professional nomad, she sets out to make any place a workspace.

There are three main principles she lives by: 1. Deliver on your promises. If you can’t, then simply surprise people! 2.Leave the place the way you found it. 3. Bad coffee is unacceptable. Her word of 2022 was confidence as in have the confidence and faith to believe that today is going to be a good day. I think this might just be the word of the decade! When she is not working, she is at home cooking, baking and practicing yoga. She loves her morning routine of coffee, Spanish and yoga, and that very first hour of the day belongs to her. She aims to make 2023 an amazing year full of wonderful projects, great customers and brilliant moments.

Backoffice & Event Organisation

Martina Kaiser

A Rhinelander female is comparable to an Englishwoman, only twice as sociable!
Having a person in the team who dedicates herself wholeheartedly is not something that we have ever taken for granted. The term intrapreneur is very appropriate in this case; a person who contributes to the company as if it were their own: responsibly, efficiently and enthusiastically.

Martina manages the back-office and takes care of the event management. Making people feeling happy & inspired is her passion. Of course, there are tasks that nobody really likes, but they still need doing. And Martina does exactly that. She simply goes all in and gets the job done.

After you have met Martina, you will go away feeling a little more valuable, important and wonderful. Should she ever be a little stricter, then only because it was necessary!

Chief word nerd

Jeanette Mooney

Jeanette likes words and questions, and adding a good dollop of Senf* where needed. She’s your sounding board and sparring partner for when you want to find your voice and word what you do. Yes, it’s branding. But more importantly, it’s understanding people and using language to connect with others and get heard. She came to NATIVES in 2008 and has been co-running the show ever since.

These days, no matter where you are, the answers you need are only a few clicks away. So, get your Sharpies out and your camera face ready.
When Jeanette’s not writing, editing, or helping clients word their world, she’s busy on the side, creating visuals that get across what words can’t. When you next meet her, ask her about the perils of blanding (not a typo) and going down biochemistry rabbit holes. It’ll make for a nice icebreaker.

Senf* (German for mustard). Noun. Special seasoning for added flavour that’s best used sparingly and according to taste. And remember: the editor is always right.