The product portfolio at NATIVES has grown over the years, just like we have.
And no doubt, it will continue to grow.

Our Services

Language Training

Learning, guiding and practicing. We provide language training for businesses that want their people to be able to communicate in authentic workplace related contexts.

Word Clinic

Fixing, advising and learning. We offer an uncomplicated, quick and efficient service for your one-worders, one-liners or tricky questions.

Event Organisation

Preparing, creating and accompanying. We organise your events, workshops and meetings so that you have nothing to do apart from attend, be in the moment and enjoy someone else doing the work for you.

Event Space

Hosting, steering and solving. We turn your events, workshops and meetings into successful gatherings that inspire, connect and leave you feeling like you have achieved something.


Offering, sharing and caring. We have the space, the place and the coffee machine to keep people focused, working hard and happy while in a creative setting.


Preparing, entertaining and presenting. We take the stage and lead audiences through programs, podium discussions and product presentations.


Interviewing, talking and sharing. We interview people, businesses and record sessions that have you feeling entertained, amused and content


Intonating, speaking and delivering. We are the voice you hear in e-learning modules, in corporate films and for avatars.


Hosting, steering and solving. We know the answers are already there, and we support the process of gaining clarity and achieving realistic outcomes that have people feeling understand.


Interpreting, producing and qualifying. We understand the source text, determine the relevant wording and style, and produce the target text in line with market expectations.


Designing, communicating and wording. Marketing campaigns in multiple languages require clarity of thought. That's where we come in.

Copy Writing

Creating, branding and wording. We create stories and narratives, help customers find their unique voice and provide the words that make a difference.


Re-working, correcting and advising. We understand what’s needed and expected, and advise on the best approaches and most appropriate wording and style.

Office Services

Managing, organising and simplifying. We streamline, optimise and rework existing administrative processes so that businesses, teams and people work more efficiently.


Understanding, listening and changing. We structure, map and support implementation for customers going through change.