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FameLab jury in Bielefeld

Jessica was a member of the FameLab jury in Bielefeld. One of four preliminary rounds before the final in May.

Design ❤

We love design. Of any kind.

Half-empty and half-full

You decide whether your glass is half-empty and half-full. At NATIVES, it is always full.

Jeanette and Martina on the road to …

Tuttlingen. Seeing a long-term client and catching-up with all things new and old.


Chances come and go! Grab them by the horns, and don't let go. Until you need to.

ChadGPT: the Chad …

… who’s always using the ChatGPT to think for them and always swears it was their idea …

Paderborn planning a new project!

Watch this space.

Marion Borgs from Vendamus

Marion Borgs from Vendamus in town for the first two episodes of a new podcast.

Why so serious?

When in Berlin.

When in Berlin: seeing familiar faces and visiting their places.