Word work: Translation and editing

We get that translations and editing jobs are almost always urgent and need to be within budget.

Translating the words does not necessarily equate to translating the message. That’s why we transcreate, ensuring that the text in the target language substantially reflects the source text.

We believe that six eyes are better than four, so to deliver print-ready work we always collaborate with a translator as well as an editor. Plus, we only work with native speakers!

These are the languages we currently offer translation and editing for: All European languages, Arabic and Asian languages like Japanese and Chinese.

Our translation and editing service is simple and intuitive:

  • You provide the source text and existing glossaries or related materials (if applicable)
  • The appointed native translator and editor deliver the work in the agreed timeframe and in line with industry standards (if applicable)
  • We create a glossary to ensure continuity and brand alignment on request
  • We provide ongoing support during and after the completion of the translation and editing assignment

We deliver your translations, and we’re there for questions. We’re famous for our response rate, so don’t worry... it’s more than just a transaction for us.