Is English your company language? Do you have teams dealing with colleagues, clients and suppliers on a global scale? Our language training services could be the perfect option for you.

Our regular training workshops are designed for small groups (6-8 people) or even one-to-one over a set period of time.

Everyone profits from better communication. We work with everyone in an organisation: from participant to HR representative, to sales manager to line worker to ensure that the goals and timeline seamlessly fit in with expectations and budgets.

The regular and extra-occupational training sessions take place on-site or remotely (or a mix of both) to ensure minimal disruption for the team while giving them the space and creative freedom to learn away from their desk.

Topics we often cover in training include:

  • Business communication (verbal and written)
  • English for specific purposes (e.g. for academics, medical professionals, coaches)
  • Refresher courses

We design and deliver our training workshops based on a series of factors, including:

  • Training content and objectives that are tailored around the abilities of the participants and their requirements
  • A training plan following our tried-and-tested NATIVES process in line with the above
  • An agreement about approach, format and length of training which is then reviewed on a regular basis
  • Continuously measuring progress and sharing reports with stakeholders on a regular basis