• Jessica Thamm

    Jessica Thamm

    The British nomad, Jessica, founded NATIVES in 2004 and hasn’t stopped reinventing herself and the business since.  Back then it had so much to do with getting up every morning and believing that every day was a good day and a new opportunity. She was (and is) ambitious, never settling for just something if it could be a lot more than that.

    Her commitment to keeping promises has kept her busy, and nowadays she promises less while surprising more. She believes that network capital is the name of the business game. Meet people, nurture connections and activate networks and people at every opportunity.

    She believes the impossible is for others. Yes, she is a bit of a mystery: never really here nor there. And she certainly can’t be squeezed into one drawer. Chameleon? Yes, maybe. Changing colour to suit where she is and whose she’s with. And making that colour the only colour at that moment. Yes, then she’s a chameleon, and a nomad and an adventurer.

  • Jeanette Mooney

    Jeanette Mooney

    Jeanette likes words and questions—and uses them. The same goes for adding Senf* where needed. She’s your sounding board and sparring partner for when you want to find your voice and word what you do. It’s not branding. It’s understanding people and using language to connect people. She came to NATIVES in 2008 and has been co-running the show with Jessica ever since.

    Berlin is her playground; Europe her playing field. But she works with clients no matter where they are. Need an on-site solution? Great, get your Sharpies ready. Need to dial in from Bali? Okay, get your headset plugged in.

    Jeanette’s worked as an interpreter and has co-published in Developmental Science—all in a former life. And while she’s still into the sciencey stuff, she now focuses on helping other recovering passive voice users make their mark. When you next meet her, ask her about BHB or her upcoming book: Holy Sh t. It’ll make for a nice icebreaker.

    *Senf (German for mustard). noun
    Special seasoning for added flavour. Best used sparingly and according to taste. And remember, the editor is always right.

“We are forever reinventing ourselves and the business because we believe you never stay the same,
and neither do the needs of your clients.”

Jessica Thamm


We’re curious, open-minded and believe that the impossible belongs to others. We ask the right questions and help you think in workflows with proven results. Then we work with you to build the best framework to bring those ideas and needs to life.

We’re consultants and coaches; we never take that hat off, but we’ve started putting more than one on We try to think like you would, and design our services around that.

We have an excellent reputation getting you what you need quickly without compromising on quality and expertise. It's something that comes with having been in the business for 16 years. And it's something you appreciate when you contract us with your language needs.

We create space to communicate, be creative and (most importantly) to grow. We love the possibilities of a blank piece of paper or a long table.

We’re as unique as the business we have built. We’re proud of the longstanding relationships we have with our partners and freelancers who we carefully match with your tasks, jobs and challenges. We pride ourselves on our quick and efficient attitude to work, where no job is too big or too small.

We believe in simplicity: you ask, we deliver – come what may. We’re your partner, which means we’re there to deliver top-level service and get you speedy responses.