You know that BOX everyone is talking about?

We DON’T JUST THINK outside of it. We DESIGN it.

We’re constantly being asked the same questions:

When can we have it back by?
Pretty swiftly!
When can we start?
Within a couple of weeks we like to kick things off quickly.
Have you facilitated team development workshops before?
We have indeed, many a time. We also do writing and presentation workshops.
Would *insert thing you need* be possible?
Almost always; we revel in a challenge. And if we can’t, our network can.

We get that time is of the essence, as are results.

We promise quick responses and we deliver what we promise. We know six eyes are better than four and that’s the ethos we practice.

We understand that every clients’ needs are unique.

We believe questions are the key to success; we use them to build and deliver tailored solutions, before matching you with the right expert in our network of partners and freelancers.

We appreciate that language training and translations are important for business, but not what you trained for.

We build our solutions with you and for you. We see ourselves as your partner, identifying your needs and reliably delivering the service you asked for. Sometimes it’s good to have a sparring partner that can help you hit the nail on the head.

NATIVES is a language agency that has been successfully partnering clients all over Germany for the past 16 years; our business is built on trust, perseverance and ambition. It’s what motivates us day in and day out.

And talking of ambition, it’s time for the next NATIVES adventure. We’re going international with a new office in the Netherlands.

Want to meet us?