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Superheld des Monats – La vie en rose Von


A multi-talented polyglot whose joie de vivre gives new meaning to the “art” of living internationally.

Home is where the heart is. For Ulli Petschelt, home has been two neighbouring countries, which, while sharing a border for thousands of years, couldn’t be more different from each other: France and Germany.

Whilst born in Darmstadt, she is one of the few (if not the only) NATIVES trainers who spent her childhood years in the NATIVES heartland of Kassel. Then it really was love at first sight when she saw La Tour Eiffel, and Paris stole her heart for almost two decades before she relocated to Kassel in 2000.

Ulli has been a NATIVES DaF trainer and French translator since 2012. She wears several hats (preferably fur ones). She is first and foremost a gallerist and has been organising exhibitions at her successful Galerie Ulrike Petschelt since 2007. She has also directed a culture office and an art agency, which included a stint (2003 to 2005) as co-curator of an extensive urban project titled Kunst beschützt Leben in Kassel. It is no wonder, then, that her NATIVES nickname is ‘culture agent’: “Art and language are my jobs and both are part of human culture. I try to build bridges and mediate between people with art and language as tools,” says Ulli.

As a Francophile, she is influenced by French philosophy and this has shaped her views on living and working away from one’s home. “I think it is state of mind that opens your soul and thoughts to different ways of being. At least it should be like a window that shows people moving outside in the same world but in a different way”. She notes that two downsides to living and working abroad are having that sense of being deraciné (uprooted) and searching for an identity. 

An avid reader, she is currently poring over Jean-Michel Guenassia’s Le Club des Incorrigibles Optimistes and Martin Suter’s, Die Zeit, die Zeit while reminiscing about her recent winter getaway to Mont Blanc.  

This article was written by guest author, Petra Zlatevska.


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