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FriYAY Link Pack ➜ Writing & Design Von Jeanette Mooney


This week: writing and design.

Preparation for my talk on design thinking in ELT on the 28th March in Frankfurt means sifting through books and bookmarks. I thought I’d share some finds as I collect and distil ideas.

Word as Image by Ji Lee.

Pair with Rhetork der Zeichen – Grundlagen zum bewussten Gestalten.

Writing as Design, Design as Writing. A wonderful essay by Don Norman.

On Kandinsky and his teachings. On metaphor. The Bauhaus Archive in Berlin held a special exhibition that showcased his teaching notes last year (also in their archives on site). This essay offers an introductory summary.

Pair with Metaphors We Live By (Lakoff & Johnson). A sound read for those with a love of language and a curiosity for understanding the workings of the mind.

On being punch drunk. On being a linguistic rebel. A manifesto on writing for design.

Enjoy your weekend!

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