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FriYAY Link Pack ➜ Writing Appiness* Von Jeanette Mooney


Discipline, wrote Erich Fromm, should not be practised like a rule imposed on oneself from the outside; it should instead be an expression of one’s own will. Above all, it should be pleasant. And I reckon this requires one simple thing: focus.

So I’m a smitten appreciator of gadgetry and apps. Especially so, when the makers of Ulysses promise that we can keep all of our texts neatly stuffed in an intuitive library. 

Nice, too, that there are such things as writing machines, where we can keep things uncluttered while we tickle our keyboards.

For the ascetic in you.

Just to throw you off-kilter: a cliché finder. Yes, really. The George Orwell quote made me chuckle. 

I’ve already mentioned this one, but I thought I’d pop it in again. 

And, if you need a nudge from the outside now and again, Writefull might be just the ticket.

Have a great weekend.

* I know, I know... 

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