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FriYAY Link Pack ➜ Digital Us Von Jeanette Mooney


It would be difficult to imagine a day without the seamless synching that is my cloud; a day without the tools that help me tame the chaos; a day without the omnipotent device in my pocket that, at a swipe, ensures I stay in the present tense, no matter where I go.

One reason perhaps, why many of us are rethinking the ritual of disconnect, using tools such as offtime to celebrate offline time.

Which begs the question: are computers changing human character?

#FOMO, it seems, still reigns supreme. One reason why the Facebook alternative, Ello, has such special allure. Is this the future?

Or more hype?

In 1930 John Maynard Keynes predicted that by the end of the century we'd be on a 15-hour work week, given all the technology at our fingertips. So here's a question for you to go into the weekend with: can we do less with more or should we be doing just right with less? 

Don't have a crazy busy weekend. Go off the grid instead.





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