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EXPOLINGUA Berlin 2016 Von Jeanette Mooney


EXPOLINGUA is Germany’s largest fair for language enthusiasts with more than 150 exhibitors from over 30 countries. I went to find out what’s cooking in the language kitchen. 

Lingualift – Digital

I’m putting this startup at the top of my Expo list. A playful product, a solid business model and two owners, who by far, were the most enthusiastic language nerds I met all day. The gamification elements set this tool apart from many of its market competitors.

Available in Japanese and Russian.

French version out soon, I was promised.

Phase6 – Digital

Germany’s leading vocabulary trainer (in their own words, not mine). If you don’t know of this tool yet, think of it as your digital box set of tailor-made or convenience flash cards. The algorithm behind the tool will register what you’re learning well and what it needs to serve up repeatedly for learning progress.

While I’ve never been a fan of ready-made content, I do understand that the option to download predefined learning sets will appeal to first-time learners, exam-takers or those following a set curriculum.

On site, I’m told I can’t import Excel word lists into the system to create the flash cards, which means adding every entry manually. This is a drawback and means that, sorry, Phase6, I’ll continue to use Quizlet (which, by the way, also converts your uploaded content to gap-fill exercises and games, and is free to use).

Vofy – Digital

Love music? Love to learn new words? Then this is your tool. The company believes in the power of emotional learning through music and bases its progress model on the Leitner method. If you’re a schoolteacher, this might just be your teaching tool add-on.

Lingolia – Digital

Your classic trainer support tool. A comprehensive website complete with mobile tool. Recommendable for educators and a great resource for participants

Carl Ed Schunemann Verlag Sprachzeitungen – Print

Newspaper with audio plus exercise add-on option if desired. I’d almost forgotten about this publisher and was very happy to have the editor for the Spanish version tell me what they’ve got cooking and what recipe publications are in the pipeline. If you like paper in hand, want to keep up to date with current affairs (or cooking) and brush up on your German, English, French or Spanish, then this is the way to go.

If you’re having success in learning a foreign language and have a great tool tip to share, drop me an e-mail via our NATIVES contact page.

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