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Bielefeld opening party 24.02.17 Von Jessica Thamm


What was once home to a typewriter factory, is now home for us.
Space making needs pace making.

There are no such things as coincidences
On my drive home from a client’s, I passed a real-estate agency. And not for the first time. The difference on that June day was that I called them. And asked them if they had office space for rent. The agent confirmed they did, and we met the next day. He showed me 200 square meters of space. Bare walls. Dust everywhere. I fell in love with it straight away. The size scared me. But I saw the potential. Yes, falling in love with the highest possible potential in something is dangerous, but I did anyway.

The power of sleep
I slept on it. A night. Called the next day and asked to see the space again. I felt this was a good next move for NATIVES. Well what else would you do after 13 years? I drew up my concept, designed my word plan, and presented it to the man making all the decisions. He informed my potential landlord. He was initially a bit weary, and then loved the idea after all. The rest is history. Well nearly.

Pace making  
Eight months passed from the day of that first call to the day of celebrating the moment, that new beginning. I was involved from the onset. Got my shoes, bag and coat dusty and dirty. Got headaches from making so many decisions. Put together ideas without really knowing whether they would work. Spent months looking for lamps. And throughout that time, I doubted only on a couple of occasions.

We’re in!
One hundred and twenty guests paid me with the honour on February 24th. We ate, drank and became merry. We danced, laughed and enjoyed spending time with one another. I was proud to show-off this new space. I have no intention of keeping it to myself though. It’s there for the taking. Space for creative flow. For moments of togetherness with a pinch of solitude. For delicious coffee freshly brewed by our Faema E61 friend. For co-working.

And now? 
NATIVES is doing what we always do: working at it. And we’re looking to add new things to our portfolio: digital learning, school programs, junior entrepreneur camps, open workshops, co-working and events of all sorts. This space is ready to rock-et-roll. And I can’t wait.

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