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Five words we need in the English language Von


Anyone who speaks more than one language has come across a situation where they have the perfect word – just not in the correct language. English is filled with borrowed words from hundreds of different languages, but here's a few more it could use:

#5 Slampadato (Italian)

Meaning: the nice orange glow that comes from being addicted to tanning salons. It's appropriate that this word comes from Italian considering the popularity of the kids from the Jersey Shore.

#4 Gumusservi (Turkish) or Mångata (Swedish)

Meaning: moonlight shining on water. While probably not a word we would use on a daily basis, how often can you find poetry encompassed into a single noun?

#3 Kummerspeck (German)

Literally: "grief bacon." This word refers to the excess weight gained from emotional eating. In the US we have something called the "Freshman 15" which refers to the 15lbs a new college student will inevitably gain in their first year of university from homesickness and the stress of studying, but Kummerspeck is all-encompasing.

#2 Shemomedjamo (Georgian)

Meaning: to eat past the point of being full because the food is so delicious. With Thanksgiving coming up in the US, and the Christmas holidays around the corner, I believe everyone will be shemomedjamo-ing.

#1 Pilkunnussija (Finnish)

Meaning: a person who believes it is their destiny to correct any grammar, punctuation, or spelling mistakes, no matter what the cost. As language trainers, translators, and word geeks, I believe many of us at NATIVES would have been lovingly called a pilkunnussija at some point in our lives.

Image: greeblie via Flickr (with permission)

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