There is always something going on at NATIVES and we love sharing, so here you go. Keep up with what we are doing.

In-person get-togethers…

...are always the best! Some of the team met in Liebefeld last week to talk shop. Good things to come – eyes peeled!

Jessica’s trainer meet-ups, vitually or in real-life!

After work is before the next kind of work. Whatever the kind, you choose.

The path may be rocky, but a few mountains never stopped anyone

Streitbörger Paralegals learning English for the workplaces!

Growth is only possible if you have amazing people who want to grow with you.

Coffee-to-go no matter where we‘re working around the world.

Jeanette, Dave and Jessica flew to Barcelona …

... to facilitate transformation workshops for B. Braun Melsungen AG.

Jessica organized the first New Work, Year 3, Summit in Bielefeld.

Cherry Blossom season